Online Code of Conduct


By signing up to and enrolling on a Course, students agree to:

  • help to establish and maintain a positive and supportive online learning environment;
  • treat all other students and tutors and their opinions with respect, cultural sensitivity and politeness;
  • be responsive and participate to the best of their ability;
  • complete all tasks and assignments on their own, unless it is a collaborative group task;
  • complete all self study tasks required of them on time;
  • stick to topics related to the course during Virtual Classes and in discussion forums as their participation and conduct in discussion forums is monitored and assessed by EtonX;
  • be on time for all Virtual Classes and let EtonX know if they cannot attend a class for any reason by emailing;
  • communicate only in English at all times;
  • be supportive and constructive when offering feedback to other students in collaborative group tasks;
  • turn off or keep their mobile phone on silent during a Virtual Class so as to not distract the rest of the group;
  • dress appropriately (as they would if they were going to an event at their school);
  • attend all Virtual Classes from a suitable and appropriate location, such as a shared family room or classroom (not in a loud public location such as a coffee shop or on a train);
  • share any concern that they have about another student with their tutor and let their tutor know immediately if they feel unsafe in a Virtual Class or breakout room;
  • share any concern that they have about their tutor with EtonX by following the relevant procedure; and
  • let EtonX contact their parent, guardian or carer if they have concerns about their welfare or safety, or (when this is not possible) to contact their teacher, school or university.

By signing up to and enrolling on a Course, students agree not to:

  • share their username and password with students who are not enrolled on an EtonX course;
  • share sensitive personal information including any form of contact details with other course members and their tutor;
  • use racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive terms, swear words or language that may cause offence in the Virtual Classroom or the Course Site;
  • attempt to contact their tutor(s) except through the Course Site and the Virtual Classroom and to report any attempted contact by their tutor(s) immediately to the EtonX Designated Safeguarding Lead, Catherine Whitaker by calling +(44)2038618528 or emailing;
  • contact other members of their class outside of the Course Site or the Virtual Classroom whilst the Virtual Class is ongoing;
  • attempt to contact other course members except through Virtual Classroom or the Course Site;
  • post or upload anything off-topic, offensive, abusive or illegal to the Course Site or the Virtual Classroom; and
  • post or upload inappropriate messages, content, unauthorised advertising, promotional material or spam to the discussion forums, Course Site or the Virtual Classroom.